Feb 18 2020 - Feb 18 2020

Self-portrait with patterns, 2018-19


This self-portrait is represented was made in two stages. At first I painted myeslf through a mirror and I included afterwards the motifs of the background. which allude to the print of an Arabic carpet. The idea of mixing personal portraiture with a decorative background arises from the impulse to express one's character within a modernist style. The colors show the vivacity of the palette, maintaining the chromatic harmonies in contrast with before the subjective description of the being. There is a nostalgic gaze and a pervasive concern in the here and now. individual freedom is embodied, full of existential concerns in the face of a current scene.

  • Feb 18 2020 - Feb 18 2020


Oil on wood
8.5 x 11.8 in


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