Sep 18 2019 - Sep 18 2019

Al-Qasr al-Mubarak, 2018


This architectural landscape represents the interior of a courtyard in the Royal Palace Gardens of Seville. This work was done during my stay in the city, where I admired the Islamic plasterwork displayed in the halls of the palace. had been cemented during culture in Andalusia. The woman located to the left with its back turned of the composition appears as an allegory to the thoughtful figure recurrent in the Romanticism. In this sense It is intended to rekindle the historical memory of this place, with a style similar to the Baroque era and a contrast of light characteristic of Caravaggism. A more timeless approach has been sought to call into question the preservation of what is ancient in modernity and the world today.

  • Sep 18 2019 - Sep 18 2019


Oil on canvas
35 x 45.7 in


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