Feb 18 2020 - Feb 18 2020

April, 2018


This work represents the arrival of spring shown with an abundant floral representation. The figure is reduced to the framing of her back bathed by the sunset sun and translated from reality with meticulous detail. The The margins of the painting are used to cut the space of the work, whereIn this wayJust as the inspiration in nature, it is. There is a bright chromatic coherence, and the vivacity of colors accentuates the feeling of youth in nature. Its poetic load is pronounced like in the world of the Pre-Raphaelites. The posture of the body and acts as a message, while the gesture of the head emphasize the message to the viewer’s eyes.

  • Feb 18 2020 - Feb 18 2020


Oil on panel

13 x 9.4 in


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